Hang On Sloopy: The Movie is a “ROCKumentary” about The Ohio State University and the entire state of Ohio's incredible 50-year love affair with this rock song.

Produced in Columbus, Ohio by Dave Whinham and Brian Grady, the piece explores many untold and magical stories about how a random rock song, about a “girl from a very bad part of town” became to the State of Ohio what “Sweet Home Alabama” is to the State of Alabama.

Ever since the song, made famous by The McCoys, reached #1 in 1965, it has continued to grow in popularity in Ohio. From frat house party song, to a widely embraced fight song for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, that ultimately became the Official Rock Song of the State of Ohio, “Hang On Sloopy” is heard at every athletic event, every live music venue, and every wedding throughout the state.

Hang On Sloopy: The Movie features performances and interviews from a wide variety of rock and R&B stars including:

Also featuring appearances by Buckeye Legends: